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Cordless drills offer freedom of movement and save you cost and time as you can be able to carry drilling tasks that are important even in inaccessible areas. They offer the convenience of use because you do not require an electric plug for the task to be completed. Cordless drills are now manufactured with features that are highly advanced for more convenience and excellence. It is best to consider the purpose of use when purchasing a cordless drill so that you match all its important features to suit your needs.

Features to consider when buying a suitable cordless drill

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Cordless drills depend on batteries to function. Therefore, you should be careful and be on the lookout for a battery that will not disappoint you when you most need it. Most drills that are in the market use lithium ion batteries that have excellent battery capacity, are lighter in weight on the machine and easier for reliable charging. If you intend to use your drill regularly, lithium ion batteries are the best for you. Batteries made of nickel-cadmium are the best for use in such devices. Getting a cordless drill with an extra battery is also a great idea. This will be very helpful when you run out before you get the job done. Also, it will save you from charging your battery from ports that do not match actual needs, which in turn spoils and reduces battery life.


These days cordless drills can perform many tasks apart from just drilling. Units that come with drilling kits offer drill bits that are different, and some come with keyless chucks that enable it to drill into concrete and masonry metal. Other kits feature screwdriver heads so you can use your drill as a screwdriver whenever there is a need.

Work light

Most cordless drills come with inbuilt LED work light to help illuminate areas that are hard to reach. The work light feature in the drill will enable you to drill in different conditions without trouble.

Hammer action

A cordless drillleftcordlessdrillasdfdsdfgbnb with this feature enables you to penetrate into very tough materials like concrete; you will get the beast results only if you make sure to use the feature with appropriately hardened drill bits.

You will be able to match a unit to your drilling requirements and needs by looking at detailed features of top rates drills.